Successful entrepreneur's traits (part 5)

This is the last post of a series of articles I decided to write about the traits that I consider an entrepreneur should have in order to be successful. As I mentioned before even though these are the last traits I will make reference to it does not means that they are less important that the ones I mentioned on the other posts. In this way these last traits are related with the way the entrepreneur works.

According to this, the ninth trait I consider an entrepreneur must have in order to be successful is being a good leader. A successful entrepreneurship needs that the people involved in it do the chores they have to do and in the best way they can. In order to accomplish this a good leader is required, because as the head of the entrepreneurship he must achieve that everyone works in what they have to work without anyone telling them what to do. Also if a problem occurs with the human resources that work around the entrepreneurship he will have to face it and fix as harmoniously as possible.

The last trait an entrepreneur should have in order to be successful in his projects is being an organized person. In the creation of a new business the entrepreneur must perform many activities. In this way he must establish schedules and deadlines for him and for his working team in order to accomplish their goals. This schedule must be constantly followed in order to assure that the deadlines are being fulfilled and adjust them if necessary.

With the characteristics of being a good leader and an organized person I finish this series of the traits an entrepreneur must have in order to be successful. Remember that the eight characteristics that I had mentioned: being perseverant and feel confortable in risk situations, being optimistic and having a high self-esteem, have the capacity to establish clear goals and being patient and finally being innovative and self-critical .

A lot of people are born with this characteristics but the people that haven’t can work in order to develop them; so if this is your case don’t be discouraged. Working in order to achieve these traits not only will help you to have a successful entrepreneurship but also in the different projects that you start in your life. So, go ahead and work to develop them and if you think I missed any other traits please share them with my readers and me on the comments section.

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