Successful entrepreneur's traits (part 1)

A lot of people decide that their path on life is being an entrepreneur. However many of this entrepreneurs fail, others become successful easily and others learn and try it again. But what makes different each of these entrepreneurs? Additional to luck and other environmental factors with some traits someone can turn into a successful entrepreneur. Although some writers have been writing about this subject, in this and the next four posts I would like to talk about some traits I believe are vital in order to become a successful entrepreneur.

The firs trait I will like to mention is perseverance. The entrepreneurship journey in most cases is not an easy path. The entrepreneur will have to face many obstacles: imagine a great business idea that can become an actual business, turn this idea into a real business plan, find the resources to start the business just to mention a few. And even when the entrepreneur has managed to turn his idea into an actual business he will find some new obstacles he must face. Many times he’ll fail and must seek again for his path. This is the reason why he must be perseverant because if he doesn’t have this trait, he will give up on the first obstacle and quit his dream.

The second trait I will mention on this post is that an entrepreneur must feel confortable with some degree of uncertainty. When someone decides to work for a company and is not interested in entrepreneurship he will be able to live with certain degree of security. In this way it wont concern him if the company is profitable, the acquisition of new costumers, knowing how is the environment and the competition behaving because this is a subject that concerns the company directives and not him. In contrast to the case of the employees, all this subjects are going to be responsibility of the entrepreneur in one or another way. And like many of these factors are external and cannot be determined by the entrepreneur, he must learn to manage risks and not just be confortable with them but also to know when to avoid, transfer and accept them.

In this way the first two traits I believe an entrepreneur must have are perseverance and feeling confortable with risk. Remember these are just the first traits I will mention. In the next posts you will find other traits I believe are required. Don’t forget to watch for these future posts.

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