Successful entrepreneur's traits (part 2)

This post is the second part of a number of articles that will describe the traits an entrepreneur must have in order to be successful in this obstacle course according to my point of view. In the first part I wrote about two vital traits: being perseverant and felling confortable and knowing how to act in risk circumstances. In this post I will focus in two other traits that are related with the way the entrepreneur sees the world and himself.

Lets begin with the trait that is related with the way the entrepreneurs perceive the world in which they live. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, he must be an optimistic person. Having this trait, which by the way does not only benefit entrepreneurs, will make people live in a more confident and calm way because they will always think that things are going to end up in a good way and that there is no reason to fail in anything. In this way every activity they perform, they will do it in a confident way and always thinking that they will have positive results. Furthermore an optimistic entrepreneur will be able to achieve what many are unable: see opportunities where others see difficulties, and sometimes is here where great business are born. Finally I believe it is worth highlighting that optimistic people easily attract success.

The other trait I wanted to mention in this post and that relates with the way the entrepreneur sees himself is that he must have a high self-esteem. A successful entrepreneur knows who he is, what qualities does he have and is also aware how these qualities might take him to achieve his objectives. In the same way optimistic people do, an entrepreneur with high self-esteem knows that there does not exist possibilities to fail because he knows everything he is and also how his traits are guiding his way on the road to success. This does not means that he is an arrogant person, he simply is a person that is aware of his traits and that has clear targets.

Up to this point I have mentioned four traits a successful entrepreneur must have: being perseverant and felling confortable in risk circumstances, being optimistic and having a high self-esteem. In the next post I will present other two traits as important as this ones. Wait for them!

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  1. Excellent tips, I’ve always wondered what quality successful business people must have, and this certainly gives me the answers! Now it’s just putting it into practice…

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