Successful entrepreneur's traits (part 3)

This post is the third part of a series of articles I wanted to write about the traits I consider important in order to become successful entrepreneurs. Being in the exact middle of the series I will expose two traits, which relate with the entrepreneur and the goals and objectives he wants to achieve.

The first trait I will present is the capacity the entrepreneur has to set clear goals. This means that he must know where he is and where is his finish line including what he wants to achieve and how is he going to close the gaps between his starting point and this goal, that must be among others, ambitious and achievable. This is important because moreover than starting projects to achieve goals, with these actions the entrepreneur will remain motivated. Lets remember that entrepreneurs generally are people that don’t like comfort zone because they want to achieve more than what they have. This is why it is essential for them to have the capacity to establish goals that will take him out from this comfort zone. It is also important to mention that the capacity to establish goals is not static and that with time the entrepreneur’s goals must change into new and more demanding challenges.

However an entrepreneur knows that he cannot achieve things from one day to another so it is here where I present the second trait I wanted to mention in this post: patience. Even though all of us would like to achieve our objectives in the shortest time, it is not always possible. Hence an entrepreneur must be patient and must know that with hard work and dedication he will reach his goals. In the first article of this series I wrote about persistence which from my point of view must come together with patience, because it is not only necessary to keep trying when we are unsuccessful but to have the ability to wait even if we have not failed.

In the middle of this series about the traits a successful entrepreneur must have, I have just presented the capacity to establish goals and being patient, that come to join the traits I mentioned in the last two posts (part 1 and part 2): being perseverant, feeling confortable on risky situations, being optimist, and have a high self-esteem. Stay tuned to the next posts with the four remaining traits I consider a successful entrepreneur must have.

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