Successful entrepreneur's traits (part 4)

Taking into consideration what I have written in the series: “Successful entrepreneur’s traits”, in this article I will present the traits number seven and eight that I consider are fundamental for entrepreneurs in order to be successful. The fact that they occupy these positions does not means that they are less important that the ones I have presented until this point. All of them including the ones I will present on the next post are listed here because they make entrepreneurs act in a way that will help them achieve their goals.

Hence the trait number seven that all entrepreneurs should have in order to be successful is being self-critical. In this way he must accept that he does not know the absolute truth and in this way he knows when to ask for help and when to delegate tasks that others can make in a better way. He will also recognize when he has been successful knowing when to benefit from these situations but he’ll also recognize in which cases he has been wrong and learn from this mistakes. In conclusion a self-critical entrepreneur knows which are his strengths and weaknesses and he will act according to them: taking advantage of the first ones and leaning on others in the second case.

The trait number eight that an entrepreneur must have in order to get close to success is being creative and innovative. Many of the best entrepreneurs have known how to change the current situation, improving it and in this way offering the market better products and services that have driven them to success. Today companies develop in markets, which are increasingly competed and in which consumers have a lot of information. This is why every day it will be much more important for entrepreneurs to be creative and innovative. Nowadays it is not enough to copy what others have done but offering the client a competitive advantage or value proposition with which they can obtain an additional benefit that no one is offering them. The one that goes further will obtain the consumers fidelity.

Therefore it will be overriding in order to succeed in businesses that entrepreneurs be innovative and self-critical, in addition to what I have mentioned in parts 1, 2 and 3 of this series: being perseverant, feel confortable in risk situations, being optimistic, having a high self-esteem, have the capacity to establish clear goals and being patient. In my next post you will find the last two characteristics that I believe are most important to be successful entrepreneurs. Wait for them in a few days!

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