With the power of our mind and dreams we can achieve anything. I don’t care how big or complex those dreams are, I’m sure you can and will achieve them. However there’s a problem between our dreams and accomplishing them: you. Quite often we have dreams but believe they are too difficult to conquer. We have to change this way of thinking and nothing will be impossible. The following video addresses this topic, I hope you enjoy it.

Video The Power of the Mind and Dreams makes anything Possible

Here are some authors, books and DVDs I recommend on this topic:

Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman in the World
Rhonda Byrne, The Secret (Book)
The Secret (DVD)
William Tucker, Miracles Made Possible
Neale Donald Walsh, Conversations With God
Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich
Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People
Arielle Ford, The Soulmate Secret

This is just a partial list of the book and films that have been published in the past couple of centuries on this topic. I invite you to search on the Internet for more books and authors.

For this year, we decided to include video on this Blog. This is the first video, we’re still experimenting with cameras, lights and microphones, so expect them to get better with time. The idea is to publish this type of video once every 2 weeks. If you have ideas, questions or topics for upcoming videos, please leave your comments at the end of this page.

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