Don't keep trash in your Business: Neither more nor less that what you need

Over time and with the arrival of modern days we have moved from small businesses to medium or big enterprises and also multinational companies. Years ago we didn’t think this could be possible. Besides from the new sizes of businesses, modern days have also brought to our companies some flaws that before only human beings had. In this post I will talk about a flaw that we commonly see on different companies: vanity. So you can understand what I am talking about, I will present two examples, one in the real world and the other in the virtual world.

My first example in the real world is attached to certifications. The environment in which companies operate today includes among others, clients, the competition and legislation that oblige them to fulfill some standards. In this way if a company has a certificate we know that they comply with the standards. An example of these certificates is the ISO 9001 certificate that assures that the company fulfills the quality requirements. The problem is that many companies around the world use this certification just to show the world they have a quality management system but they don’t really use it to have better processes day after day. These companies don’t have a culture that incentives quality as a form of daily work and just comply with the standards to have a successful audit.

The second example that belongs to the virtual world, we see it today with the popularity of social networks. Many businesses have entered to these media just because it is a trend or because they feel pressure because the market is asking for it. However in many cases businessmen don’t understand how these networks can bring real benefits to the company such as new clients, more sales or improve communications with consumers. These companies just fill themselves with metrics such as number of followers, number of likes, retweets, among others, but that are not really telling what they are achieving of their strategy with the presence on the Internet. This metrics are just vain metrics.

If you feel that these examples are familiar probably you will need to make some changes on your business. It is very important that the activities that are done on our company are aimed to achieve our strategy objectives. If we just have them because it is a trend and we don’t know exactly how can it benefit our strategy they turn into measures that are useless, in other words: trash.

I don’t want that you misunderstand what I am trying to say. I don’t think that certifications and presences in social networks are worthless, in fact I think they can really help the company to achieve its goals. I just mean that as businessmen we must learn to use what really adds value to our business strategy and the way to do this is attaching our tactics to our strategy. In this way we will just use what we really need in our companies neither more nor less.

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