Don't let Criticism alter your Goals

In several articles of An Entrepreneur Blog, we’ve talked about what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. This is not an easy road and it has many challenges, one of them being receiving criticism to your ideas and projects. As entrepreneurs our mission is to deal with this criticism, learn from it and making sure this doesn’t stop to in your goals.

It’s not a bad idea to seek the advice of other people when we’re creating a new venture. This can include other entrepreneurs, business people, academics and others. Their experience and know how can help you analyze other aspects you might be overlooking and help you bring your idea to completion. However, this criticism can be positive or negative, constructive or destructive.

When we receive constructive criticism, we should analyze it and take it into account. However, this doesn’t mean that you will change everything due to someone else’s comment; it just means you will analyze it and if you find it valid, taka action. Beyond the comment itself, I recommend you analyze why this was said, as this might have even more value than the comment.

The big problem with comments is that they can be destructive, negative and even hurtful. When I began my entrepreneurship road I had many of this comments, of people that didn’t understood my idea and what I was looking for. They said things like “your idea won’t work” or “you’re too late, someone is already doing that”. I learned that although these people thought they were helping me, in fact they were doing the opposite. I also learned that no one has the right to tell you your idea won’t work. This is just a personal appreciation they will share with you, based on few or no studies. Also, if they tell me it’s too late, I believe it’s the opposite, as there is probably room for improvement and someone else has started the difficult work of selling a new product.

Several times a year I talk with entrepreneurs who seek me and ask me to evaluate their business idea or project. Before I do this I tell them that what I’m about to say is my personal opinion and by no means it is the truth. I’m talking about my personal experience and what I have learned, but my ideas might not always work. After explaining this, I give my personal opinion trying to be as constructive as possible, although this is not always straightforward.

There are also critics that will come from other sources, and these are comments you have not asked for. Friends, family members, colleagues and others might try to criticize your work, because they think they know best. This might be the case, but I’ve seen that many of these comments are negative. However, take the same precautions and analyze each comment. If they’re not worth your time, forget about them and erase this experience from your memory (I know, it’s not always easy).

As entrepreneur, there will always be criticism, this is a given. Learn how to handle them, trying to take the positive aspect of them and erasing the negative ones. Almost every business and product we know has received criticism but their creators didn’t let this comments become a problem. Learn form this, and never let a comment alter your goals.

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  1. ¿How do you use constructive criticism?
    I always try to listen to constructive criticism because it shows me things I didn’t see before. ¿How do you use constructive criticism?

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