Changes at An Entrepreneur Blog for 2015: Mafe's Tuesdays and Andrés' Fridays

Last week for the first article of 2015, I talked that this year many changes were happening at An Entrepreneur Blog. Today I will tell you all about this changes, that I believe are quite positive. I hope you keep reading our posts and being part of a community that grows on a daily basis.

As you might already know, since 2014 my sister María Fernanda Gómez and myself decided that An Entrepreneur Blog should be the corporative blog of our consulting firm, 360° Consulting. To explain about this change, let me tell you about the history of the Blog. In 2009 I created the first version of this Blog in Spanish. The idea was to share my ideas, experiences, mistakes and knowledge with reader from all over the world. Several months later I created the consulting firm, which was followed by the English version of the Blog and then my sister came along and started to work on both ventures. Since both the consulting firm and the Blog dealt with similar topics, it was natural to make them part of the same project, so that’s why we made the changes in 2014.

For this year the big change is that we’re publishing 2 articles per week, as follows. My sister will be publishing her weekly article every Tuesday and I will do the same on Fridays. Although our articles are written independently, the topics will be related to each other, in the fields we talk about in this blog: entrepreneurship, management, strategy, marketing, sales, Internet and technology, among others.

The second big change will have repercussions on the Spanish version of this blog. We’ve had a mailing list since the very beginning, so did the consulting firm. Following the experience we had when we joined the Blog and 360° Consulting, we’re doing the same for the mailing list. In fact, the list will be branded Aceleració (translated as Aceleration), as we want our reader to fast forwards their strategies, no matter if it’s a new project or a new website. My sister and myself will write this list.

As a thank you for our readers, we will be giving away several copies of my book, Estrategias de Internet (Internet Strategies book). We will explain at a later time how you can have the book; for the meantime is you speak Spanish, please join our mailing list at Aceleració

The last news I wanted to share with you is a project called Tecnogerente, where we talk in Spanish about technologies for managers. The project started last year as a beta test, and for several reasons we decided to make a pause. This time we’re changing several things, including the participation of my sister and guests and will air every Monday at 7:00 pm, Colombia time, starting next month. I hope you can join us and share your thoughts.

So that’s what we have prepared for 2015. I hope you join us and have a great time with the changes we have thought for all our readers and followers. Please remember to share this content with friends, family members and followers on social networks.

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