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Consultorías 360° – our consultancy company- is a family business in which the only partners are my brother and me. Maybe you have read in other of our posts that we advise companies in technology innovation strategies, especially related to the Internet. With our education and our commitment to our country Colombia, since we started this company we decided we wanted to help non profit organizations that have purposes that affected in a positive way our society. During this time we have been doing it and in this post I want to share with our readers the experience.

In our first years, we advised two of these companies totally free of charges, in order to structure their strategies on the Internet world. Unfortunately, in both cases we had bad experiences, because of different reasons. On the first company, an excellent work was made and we structured a great strategy but pitifully when we needed them to implement it they decided they didn’t have the resources to do it. It is important to highlight that the strategy defined was constructed with the personnel of the company and for that reason we were very surprised when they said they didn’t had the money to do it.

The second case is even sadder for us. This was a project with an organization that help sick kids who have been abandoned and also families of sick kids who don’t have money and must come to the capital city in order to be treated. As consultants we thought an Internet strategy would definitely help them find the resources they needed to keep doing their job. However after some reunions and feeling this wasn’t one of their priorities because they failed to meet the appointments, cancelled them and never program them again, we decided to abandon it.

The lesson with both of these experiences was that sadly when you give away this type of work for free, people do not value it. Today when we have these type of projects, what we do is to give a discount (50% to 70%), but not for free. This has an important reason and is that the discount we are giving away we want them to use it when they have to execute the tactics. We cannot force any company to implement what we say, but we try that they have clear expectations about what they will get and the money they are going to need to invest in order to get results. In this order of ideas we reduce the risk that they don’t execute and that the project becomes a failure.

With this new strategy we have had better results. Later I will be sharing these experiences with you.


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