The title of this post might sound natural and evident for all of us, but the truth is that not all companies take care about this subject. While it is true that B2B sales are made between companies, we cannot forget that people manage these companies.

This is the reason why I consider that interpersonal relationships are primordial when we talk about businesses. Here I talk about my personal experience in which the great majority of businesses we have closed have been done thanks to this type of relationships and the importance we give to them.

In the consultancy area in which my company develops, projects tend to be expensive and have a high importance for medium and high levels of the company. This is the reason why we try to relate with people of these levels on different types of companies. Once we know they are interested about our services we tray to go out with them to have a coffee or Lunch and explain them what are our consulting services about. The idea obviously is that they hire our service on the short term, but more than this we try to create excellent relationships and if by any reason it is not possible to close a the deal right know, we hope it is done at some point.

Definitely we think it might be better a month in which we create many important relationships, that a month in which we only closed an important deal. This is a long-term bet in which we think that a good relationship might turn into a business opportunity.

The case I mention about my business, in which we look for relationships with people at medium and high level in different companies can de replicated according to the companies needs. If you sell pens, maybe you won’t need to create a relationship with the president of the company but with the analysts of marketing and purchases. The point is to generate long-term relationships.


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