Today, even though we have a company in the physical world; we cannot discard Internet because it is an important place in which we should have presence. The people who are just entering Internet may only think in a website, but the truth is that we can be present in many other spaces on the web.  These places are classified in three categories: paid, owned and earned. In this post and the next two I will write about this places in which our company should be present.


Owned media for our clients

As the title of this section mentions it, the first category is referred as Owned media. As you might imagine, it refers to the spaces that are ours, or in other words, the ones that our brand controls. In the physical world we own places such as our offices and our stores. This was taken to Internet with places in the web such as our webpages, microsites we want to create, our Facebook Fanpage, our Twitter account, among others.

As you can observe the owned media can be divided in two: the ones we own totally (webpage, microsites) and the ones we own partially (accounts in social media). With the last ones we have to be very careful because the one who establishes the rules is a third party and we must follow them strictly. However this are very important spaces because we can contact our users and clients without having to pay for that space.

The role of all these owned media is to establish long-term relationships with clients, potential clients and community in general. This is the reason why even though we don’t have to pay for the space, it is very important to have a budget that helps us to maintain it and take advantage of it by establishing long-term relationships.

What I have just stated seems obvious, but the truth is that many companies make the mistake of opening these spaces without strategy and budget, so they end up as a company abandoned place. It is very important that you think it through before you open these places, because it is better not having an official presence at all than having an abandoned presence in the media. This talks very bad of your company and people don’t forgive this kind of mistakes. Additionally remember it is not mandatory to have presence in all this spaces. You should not open them if it is not part of your strategy.

With this I finish explaining what are owned media and some general advices. On my next posts I will talk about paid and earned media.


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