It's Time to Assess your Goals and Life Plan

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is that we must have time to evaluate the current state of our projects. When we start a new venture, we usually have goals and a route to a road ahead that will take us far. Besides all those dreams it is very important to have a timetable where we can keep track of our progress and know in advance if we’re ahead of behind the schedule.

The dreams we have as entrepreneurs usually require time, effort and patience. In some situations, for instance when we have to provide for a family of pay a loan, the time we have to make the entrepreneurship a reality is limited. In other situations we have greater time and the tolerance to succeed is greater. Each entrepreneur in lights of his/her current situation must define the tolerance level to make the venture a success.

In my case, I like to make a pause every once in a while to assess the current conditions of my projects. When I begun my current project, it was easy to do this, as back then I didn’t have that much work. Today the situation is different, as I have plenty of work, which is a good sign, and sometimes it’s hard to find a moment to make that pause. Nonetheless, I find the time the every couple of months, to analyze my life and projects in a 30 to 60 minutes period.

When I make this pause, I perform two exercises. The first one is to analyze the goals that I had from the previous pause, to see how much I’ve advanced. Many times my progress has been very small or I haven’t moved at all. This is fine as long as I remember my goals and keep working every day to advance. The second exercise is to analyze the current state of my life plan.

Over 10 years ago I created the initial version of my life plan. Back then, with my youth, inexperience and many things to accomplish, I defined what I wanted to conquer and how to do it. Throughout the years, the how has changed several times, but the concept of the what has stayed practically the same. The only changes that the what has experienced, is small changes of refinement due to my better knowledge and clearer understanding of life.

Every time I make these pauses, I analyze my life plan. Unless I’m starting a new project or there has been an important change in my life, my life plan stays the same. But then again, the goal is not to change the life plan but to refresh my memory over and over again of what I want to accomplish.

I invite you to make this pauses every once in a while, analyzing your goals and life plan. This will not only take you away form your daily shores for some minutes, which is a positive thing, but will make you work with greater effort and commitment.

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