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Many times in my work as entrepreneurial consultant, I have heard some businessman with fear about implementing online stores because they fear this new channel might make them loose sales on their physical store. This is a fear without fundaments because as we will see in this post more than a competitor, virtual stores are allies of physical stores.

We must first start by understanding that buyers have changed. The persons that just wanted to buy our products on a brick-and-mortar store is rare now. Today we talk about hyperconnected consumers that have the option and want to buy products among different channels. If we do not even offer them this option they will turn to look to our competitors that have diverse channels and start to buy products from them.

Also we have to understand that today the buying process do not always start and finish in the same channel. Internet provides a lot of information that our buyers are willing to check in order to make their final decision about buying. This is the reason why our online stores are excellent in order to finish a sale that was not possible at our physical store. A person might come to our stores on the physical world, observe the product and then go to the Internet in order to find out more about it. When he has finally decided to buy it our online store might come to save the sale that was lost in the brick-and-mortar store.

Additionally we must remember that physical stores provide us a limited storage space, so maybe we are not going to be able to exhibit all our products. In this way when the person is unable to find what he was looking for in the physical store, Internet appears again to save a sale with the product the person is looking for instead of turning to our competitors.

In this point as a businessman you might have understood the importance of the virtual store an that this acts as a complement of the physical store. However you might be asking yourself how to convince your sellers that the online store is not competence for them? A method that companies have used in order to achieve this is to give their sellers commissions by the sales obtained in this channel that were obtain thanks to them. Examples of this are commissions for the sales made in the stores computers or a discount code assigned to each seller and that he can provide to possible customers that are willing to buy on the virtual store.

Taking into account all that was just mentioned, it is possible to understand that neither to businessmen or sellers Internet acts as a competitor. This media is an excellent ally when we want to finish sales that were not able to realize in the physical store.


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