Phone System for Small businesses and entrepreneurs, ¡like in big and modern companies!

It does not matter how big our company is, because our clients, suppliers, and community will always expect from our business to be professional and serious. This is the reason why all the channels that connect our company with the surrounding must be the best ones, taking into account that this is our company’s cover letter. It is very important that these channels, which generally are our offices, physical stores, webpage and phone systems have high standards, showing that we are a respected company regardless of our size.

Before, this was a difficult and expensive task. However today we have within an easy reach many tools that make it easy to have high quality channels and in this post I will like to talk specifically about phone systems and one of the tools that with a low investment can put us in the level of the biggest and most modern enterprises in this aspect: VoIP phone system (Voice over Internet Protocol).

As I wrote before, having an excellent phone system that directed phone calls to different phone lines, or having the possibility to have menus in our phone line, in the past was only reserved for big companies. Today with companies such as Telzio this service can be acquired by small and medium businesses and also by entrepreneurs.

This company provides telephone numbers and telephone systems to small businesses with professional traits, which can be easily installed in less than 5 minutes by any person – not needing him to be a technical savvy-. This is very important because the company is not going to have to hire qualified employees for this task. Among the characteristics that make very professional this service are: call forwarding, custom call flows, IVR Menus, opening hour filters, hold music and off course free 24/7 support. Your company can acquire this service for economical prices that are between US$1,00 and US$34,99, per month.

But besides the professionalism and seriousness that this gives to our company we can benefit from other elements. First our client will only have to dial one number to communicate with anyone on our company. Second, we won’t have to loose clients calls because their calls can be forwarded and they will be provided with our companies operating hours. Third, with the menu the person that calls will be able to communicate easily with the department or the person he is trying to reach out. Finally conference calls may be done without an additional cost.

In this way, today our company does not have any excuse to not have a professional phone system, taking advantage of the benefits it brings. Don’t think about it any more, it is time that your small company or entrepreneurship is at the level of large companies.

Editor’s Note: This has been a paid review for Telzio. The information contained in this article is subject to change without notice. For further information, please contact Telzio.

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  1. For a while, my small business has been relying on secretaries to answer phones. However, sometimes this can result in really long wait times for other customers wanting a question answered. We have heard about phone systems like this, and I think it would be the perfect option for us to be more efficient with our phone answering. Then we can get callers to the employee they need, and then the secretaries can do something besides answer phones all day!

  2. It’s kind of neat that small and medium sized businesses can have phone system setups that used to only be used in large business settings. My brother might have to look into getting one set up for his business in the near future. I know that he doesn’t have a phone system right now, but I’m sure that his small business could benefit from having one.

  3. Phone systems in small or large companies are so important. Not only do they connect their customers to them in that way, but they also help with being able to communicate with the different departments in the company. In any business, communication is so important. You want to make sure you are on the same page with everyone.

  4. Great information and valuable nuggets for future planning.

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