Tips for better e-mail marketing campaigns (part 2)

These series of articles I am dedicating it to a subject that has become very popular with Internet: e-mail marketing campaigns. In this way I am pretending to share with our readers some elements that are very important if we want our campaigns to be successful and with high open rates and click rates. In the first part of this series I wrote abut the importance of starting a database form scratch. In this second part I will write of another element that is fundamental, which is to respect our users.

This subject has various elements to take into account. This is the reason why we should determine our e-mail marketing policies before we start to send our mails. One subject to determine is the treatment we are going to give to the client. We should define this treatment according to our company’s image and the types of clients we have in our databases. This will define the type of language we will use. We will also have to define what kind of images we will use in our campaigns. Even though this subject might sound trivial, it is very important because is the approach we will have with him and this will construct an idea of our company in the client’s mind. We must try to construct an idea in his head that goes according to what we want him to think about our company.

Other subject we must define in our policies is the type of content we will send to our databases. As we stated in the first part of this series we will be sending information to people that want to receive it. This is the reason why we should only send information that is relevant for them. However this does not means we cannot experiment with content to see what is better but this is subject of another post of this series. The point here is that in our policies we must define what type of content might be sent and what kind of content is not going to be sent, such as contents of our competence.

Finally I think that in order to respect our clients we must share with them the periodicity in which they will be receiving our mails. If we tell them our frequency will be monthly we must maintain this periodicity. If for some reason we decide to change it, we must communicate our decision with them giving then the option to unsubscribe if they are not willing to receive our information with the new periodicity. We must also try to keep the dates, namely if for example we are sending it the first Monday of every month, we should do it always in this way because many clients might be expecting our mail.

All the elements I have just mentioned are very important because if we respect users and we are not intrusive, the number or users that will decide to unsubscribe form our lists will be less, and the opening and click rate will be higher, having much more successful campaigns.

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