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Hi, thanks for visiting today An Entrepreneur Blog. This is the corporate Blog of 360° Consulting, written by Andrés Julián Gómez Montes and María Fernanda Gómez Montes.

The main theme of this Blog is Entreprenuership, but we also include articles about Internet Marketing, Sales, Technology Strategies and Organizational Change.

We hope you enjoy this Blog!

"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying."
- Michael Jordan, Former Professional Basketball Player

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  • Striking the Balance in Life 3 – Family Life
    Striking the Balance in Life 3 – Family Life
    One of the most important elements that makes part of my everyday life is spending time with my family. Clearly I have many activities, shores, responsibilities and more in my life as an entrepreneur, but for me it is quite important to safe some time for my […]...
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  • amazon
    Alternatives to our own e-commerce (Part 1)
    Selling through the Internet is very interesting taking into account it has some advantages when we compare it with a physical store: we don’t require huge investments in infrastructure, we can offer more goods because we don’t have a space restriction and it functions as a showcase […]...
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  • Striking the Balance in Life 2 – Not everything can be work
    Striking the Balance in Life 2 – Not everything can be work
    We’ve all met people, assuming it’s not your case, that are addicted to work. In English, there is even a word for this: Workaholics, which derives from the words “work” and “alcoholics”. These are persons that for one reason or another work too many hours every day, […]...
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  • replacing imports
    Replacing imports with national products
    On my last two posts, I have talked about subjects related with things we can make in crisis eras. Therefore, I mentioned the importance of having businesses in our economy and also on other economies, and also about the importance of investing in the sales of our […]...
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  • Striking the Balance in Life 1 – Introduction
    Striking the Balance in Life 1 – Introduction
    Many years ago I understood that life is great, leaving aside the normal problems everyone has and that it is at our hands, in a great deal, to be happy or sad. In the same fashion I understood that part of the “secret to life” is finding […]...
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  • sales
    Importance of investing in our sales in crisis eras
    On my last post I wrote about the importance of having a good balance between imports and exports in order to face situations where the value of a currency might devaluate or reevaluate. Today I want to write about another subject that it is also important in […]...
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  • Starting 2016 with all the positive energy!
    Starting 2016 with all the positive energy!
    Happy 2016! As I do every year, in the fist post of January I give a hello to all the readers of An Entrepreneur Blog and wish them a new year full of great accomplishments. The first weeks of the new year are an excellent moment to […]...
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  • imports
    The importance of imports and exports for entrepreneurs
    First I want to say hello to all our readers of our Blog An Entrepreneur and to wish you a prosperous 2016, full of excellent projects that will help you to achieve your dreams. Although I am Colombian, and I live in my country I believe it […]...
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