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Hi, thanks for visiting today An Entrepreneur Blog. This is the corporate Blog of 360° Consulting, written by Andrés Julián Gómez Montes and María Fernanda Gómez Montes.

The main theme of this Blog is Entreprenuership, but we also include articles about Internet Marketing, Sales, Technology Strategies and Organizational Change.

We hope you enjoy this Blog!

"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying."
- Michael Jordan, Former Professional Basketball Player

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  • paid
    The important Internet spaces for our company (Paid Media)
    As I wrote in my last post, all businesses should try to conquer different spaces on the Internet. I started talking about owned media such as our webpage and social networks; however being in these places is not enough. Therefor in this post I will talk about […]...
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  • Steps for Becoming an Entrepreneur 2: Analyze and Prepare Yourself
    Steps for Becoming an Entrepreneur 2: Analyze and Prepare Yourself
    On the first part of this series, I talked about the first step of becoming an entrepreneur, which I defined as the idea and the Calling. For this second step, I will analyze the next step, which is subdivided again into two elements: Analysis and Preparing Yourself. […]...
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  • owned
    The important Internet spaces for our company (Owned Media)
    Today, even though we have a company in the physical world; we cannot discard Internet because it is an important place in which we should have presence. The people who are just entering Internet may only think in a website, but the truth is that we can […]...
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  • read
    Reading self-improvement and educational books: ¡more important than ever!
    Some days ago, I had the opportunity to read a post on the website Business Insider that talked about the importance of reading. However the article, which was based on a study made by Tom Corley, said that is not only important the reading habit but the […]...
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  • Steps for Becoming an Entrepreneur 1: Idea and the Calling
    Steps for Becoming an Entrepreneur 1: Idea and the Calling
    Today we start a new series at An Entrepreneur Blog. This is a very important topic, where we deal with the main steps that every entrepreneur has to encounter to create a new project. I hope you enjoy these articles, share them with friends and leave your […]...
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  • listen
    Are you willing to listen your clients?
    As consultants many times we have had to learn about the clients of the companies we advice, learning about what they think and feel but many times the question is should we make surveys or focus groups? Focus groups have a great disadvantage that is they don’t […]...
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  • Guest Blogger at "Reporte Digital"
    Guest Blogger at “Reporte Digital”
    Last year in December I received a very interesting email from Territorio Creativo, the famed digital agency from Spain. A few months earlier they had established a new office in Bogotá, Colombia and they were starting a new project for Movistar called Reporte Digital. On this email […]...
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  • process
    Does a Quality Management System really works?
    The article I will write may be controversial, especially for people that work on Organization and Methods areas who believe in what they do. However what I am writing is based in my personal experience, working on this area for many years. Before I started my own […]...
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  • Excellent and Improving!
    I recently saw the phrase I use as tittle for this article (actually it was in Spanish, but you get the idea) and it caught my attention. Life has taught me that the attitude you project is a key factor in your success or failure and this is why I thought this is a great phrase. As author Jeff Keller says, Attitude is Everything (by the way, I highly recommend this book). To accomplish any goal, you will require knowledge, work, a bit of luck and why not, a great deal of positive attitude.

    University (College), high profile degrees like MBA, most books and life experiences will lead the way to success, including being a successful entrepreneur. However you don't have to have an MBA degree to be a successful entrepreneur; in fact, earning a masters degree in organizational leadership will prepare you just as well when it comes to preparing you for success....

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