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Hi, thanks for visiting today An Entrepreneur Blog. This is the corporate Blog of 360° Consulting, written by Andrés Julián Gómez Montes and María Fernanda Gómez Montes.

The main theme of this Blog is Entreprenuership, but we also include articles about Internet Marketing, Sales, Technology Strategies and Organizational Change.

We hope you enjoy this Blog!

"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying."
- Michael Jordan, Former Professional Basketball Player

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    Retargeting, a useful variable for online advertising (part 2)
    As I mentioned on my last post, retargeting has become very popular on the last years. This is the reason why I decided to write a series on this subject, so that entrepreneurs and businessmen understand more about this practice, which commonly performs very well. In the […]...
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    Retargeting, a useful variable for online advertising
    At An Entrepreneur Blog, additional to writing about entrepreneurship subjects, we have been talking about many tools that can be used in businesses and that can help entrepreneurs, but also experienced businessmen. This is the reason why in this post and in the next ones I will talk […]...
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  • Technologies for Entrepreneurs 14 – USB Memory
    Technologies for Entrepreneurs 14 – USB Memory
    In my daily life, I use many different technologies, most of them expensive and high tech, except for my USB memories, which are cheap and widely use. For this article of the series on Technologies for Entrepreneurs, I deal with this basic but very important technology. About […]...
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  • Technologies for Entrepreneurs 13 – Wireless Internet
    Technologies for Entrepreneurs 13 – Wireless Internet
    For this entry of the series of Technologies for entrepreneurs, I will talk about a technology most of us use on a daily basis, that we take for granted, but which is vital for many people: Wireless Internet. I’ll be talking of the 2 most important variants […]...
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    Importance of interpersonal relationships
    The title of this post might sound natural and evident for all of us, but the truth is that not all companies take care about this subject. While it is true that B2B sales are made between companies, we cannot forget that people manage these companies. This […]...
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    First Class Service, other type of businesses (part 3)
    As I exposed in the first two parts of this series of articles, the first Class service is another way of doing businesses in the Internet, taking high quality services to virtual platforms. In my last post I talked about a transportation service named Uber, which connects […]...
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  • Technologies for Entrepreneurs 12 – Software for Secure Internet Browsing
    Technologies for Entrepreneurs 12 – Software for Secure Internet Browsing
    Continuing with this series about technologies for entrepreneurs, in the category of software, today I talk about software that helps us browse the Internet in a secure way. This category of software will be useful for people who travel often and those that use the Internet in […]...
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    First Class Service, other type of businesses (part 2)
    As I wrote on my last post, the Long Tail model with low prices is an excellent option for online stores and businesses on Internet, because the model takes advantage of many of the benefits this media offers such as cost reduction in many of the processes […]...
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  • Excellent and Improving!
    I recently saw the phrase I use as tittle for this article (actually it was in Spanish, but you get the idea) and it caught my attention. Life has taught me that the attitude you project is a key factor in your success or failure and this is why I thought this is a great phrase. As author Jeff Keller says, Attitude is Everything (by the way, I highly recommend this book). To accomplish any goal, you will require knowledge, work, a bit of luck and why not, a great deal of positive attitude.

    University (College), high profile degrees like MBA, most books and life experiences will lead the way to success, including being a successful entrepreneur. However you don't have to have an MBA degree to be a successful entrepreneur; in fact, earning a masters degree in organizational leadership will prepare you just as well when it comes to preparing you for success....

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