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Hi, thanks for visiting today An Entrepreneur Blog. This is the corporate Blog of 360° Consulting, written by Andrés Julián Gómez Montes and María Fernanda Gómez Montes.

The main theme of this Blog is Entreprenuership, but we also include articles about Internet Marketing, Sales, Technology Strategies and Organizational Change.

We hope you enjoy this Blog!

"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying."
- Michael Jordan, Former Professional Basketball Player

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  • The conundrum of every entrepreneur: Facing New Competitors
    The conundrum of every entrepreneur: Facing New Competitors
    I’ve been an entrepreneur for more than 18 years and during this time I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many young entrepreneurs as well as established businessman. Many years ago I came to the conclusion that most entrepreneurs are afraid of competition. This fear usually begins […]...
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  • Letting Clients walk away
    Clients that can end with our business – and with ourselves-
    When I decided to stop working for someone’s else company and joined my brothers’ business, who had started it some years ago, acquiring new clients was a subject that I was concerned about. This was obvious because as other entrepreneurships if we weren’t able to get new […]...
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  • Venture Capital Firms making their way into Latin America
    Venture Capital Firms making their way into Latin America
    Some 10 years ago, maybe a little bit more, I was trying to make my first large entrepreneurship a reality. At that time we analyzed with my business partners, different mechanism to finance the project. Among the options we analyzed, we included a bank loan, government funding, […]...
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  • digital product
    Positive and negative aspects of Marketplaces
    When a SME decide to start selling products on the Internet, one of their greatest fears is the subject of costs, in order to implement a webpage. This makes that tis type of companies many times desist from entering to this great media, that brings opportunities to […]...
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  • Creating and Defining Metrics 3 – For your Personal Life
    Creating and Defining Metrics 3 – For your Personal Life
    Today I’ll continue with this series of articles where I talk about metrics in different scenarios. In the past two entries, I talked about metrics in a corporate environment and also for Internet. It is true that metrics are usually developed and analyzed in companies, but they […]...
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  • niche
    Exploring Internet niches
    Some posts ago, I explored different business models that where possible with the Internet such as the Long Tail model. This model makes able that stores such as Amazon reach niches and not only sell mass consumption products because with Internet and the minimum costs it implies […]...
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  • Creating and Defining Metrics 2 - For Internet
    Creating and Defining Metrics 2 – For Internet
    In the first article of this series about metrics, I introduced this topic and argued that metrics are vital for businesses and for our personal and professional life. For the second entry I will talk about metrics, this time from the perspective of Internet. As I mentioned […]...
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  • non-profit organizations
    Our experience working with non profit organizations
    Consultorías 360° – our consultancy company- is a family business in which the only partners are my brother and me. Maybe you have read in other of our posts that we advise companies in technology innovation strategies, especially related to the Internet. With our education and our […]...
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