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Hi, thanks for visiting today An Entrepreneur Blog. This is the corporate Blog of 360° Consulting, written by Andrés Julián Gómez Montes and María Fernanda Gómez Montes.

The main theme of this Blog is Entreprenuership, but we also include articles about Internet Marketing, Sales, Technology Strategies and Organizational Change.

We hope you enjoy this Blog!

"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying."
- Michael Jordan, Former Professional Basketball Player

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  • Consumers brand
    Who is the owner of my company’s brand?
    The answer to the title of this post might sound easy and obvious for many people: the owner is my company. It is an easy question because a brand can be registered, legislations protect this owner and there are international organizations that look after the interest of […]...
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  • Welcoming 2015
    Welcoming 2015
    I just love the first days and weeks of every year. To start, Bogotá, Colombia, my hometown, has the lowest traffic levels of all the year, so it’s a great time to visit the city and use your car. Also, most of our clients and business partners […]...
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  • financial crisis
    Starting 2015 with economies affected by the price drop of petroleum
    This is the first post I am writing for 2015 -that is actually just starting­- after a period in which I wasn’t able to write due to my workload. First of all I want to apologize for not writing during this period but I hope I can […]...
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  • Steps for Becoming an Entrepreneur 8: Evaluate
    Steps for Becoming an Entrepreneur 8: Evaluate
    For the eight and last article of this series about how to be successful as an Entrepreneur, I will talk about a very important subject that many times is left behind, because we don’t considerate it important or because we just don’t have the time. I’m talking […]...
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  • interactive
    Difference between publicity in the physical and online world
    Today our users have changed and what they let us do in the various media they reach is very different. In traditional media such as TV, radio, and newspaper we can reach them in an intrusive way, taking them apart from what they are doing –reading, watching […]...
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  • Internet
    Is Internet a subject of the manager or the technology department?
    The question that is the title of this post is a subject that many entrepreneurs and businessmen face on their companies. Many times the easier answer is “the cobbler should stick to his last”. In this way managers think that Internet – and in general all the […]...
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  • Steps for Becoming an Entrepreneur 7: Act, Risk and Modify
    Steps for Becoming an Entrepreneur 7: Act, Risk and Modify
    For this penultimate article of this series, where I share some of the most important steps for becoming an entrepreneur, I introduce 3 elements. These elements are complementary and should be taken seriously by everyone. You will probably see how these elements are closely related, not only […]...
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  • social pressure
    Are you prepared for the social pressure of the entrepreneurship?
    Even though the entrepreneurship process brings a ton of satisfactions, it is a decision that will bring many pressures we will have to face. On one hand we will have to face difficult times in order to obtain economical resources to start our business, sell our products […]...
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